My name is Jennifer and I'm a wife, mother and photographer living in central Wisconsin.  For the last few years I’ve had the most beautiful gift given to me... my son and the opportunity to stay home with him.  I witnessed and enjoyed every little milestone in his life. 

I'm thankful I get to stay home and help form the little man he’s becoming.  I'm also thankful I documented as much of those first 2 years as I could.  I captured video, I journaled, and I took many photos along the way.  Now that my son is 2.5, I look back, and no matter how much I was taking it all in, my memories are fading and all I’m left with are the few tangible things I saved and recorded.

I take great pride in capturing those same feelings, emotions, and connections for other mothers and their families.  I would love to have an opportunity to work with you on creating some memories.

Life is full of beautiful moments… take advantage of every one!

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